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The following are unedited client quotes:   

       Thanks again for EVERYTHING you and Loreen did for the bank on this deal we owe you one, or two! 

       Thank you both for all your help!  I don’t think it would have come together as it did without your expertise, guidance and input.

       The Brattli team is top drawer and we value your insight and sincerely appreciate all that you are doing. 

       You and the team were amazing.  Many thanks.

       Our sincere thanks to each of you for all of the expert guidance and assistance.  The entire team did great. 

       Dear Oystein and Loreen, it was a pleasure working with you both.  I am convinced that your involvement and experience have strengthened our bid and put us in serious contention to win.  We will definitely let you know of the results of the bid. [bid won]. 

       Brattli Consulting is the easiest company I have dealt with.

       Congratulations on turning this around so quickly!  Very Impressive. 

       I really appreciated working with you and Loreen.  It was a great opportunity to learn from your experience and validate a lot of the same processes, challenges, and successes in the world of procurement! 

       Congratulations [bid won].  Looking forward to winning more business with you.

       We certainly appreciate your commitment to your customers and your loyalty that went "above and beyond.  It will be a pleasure to work with you both again. 

       FMS [US Treasury] told us that our response was by far the most comprehensive, and best written. 

       You are my special forces.  When my army gets stuck, I call Brattli Consulting to take care of the problem. 

       You and Loreen are the most productive people I have ever met. 

       I want to say thank you for the biggest win in my career. 

       You guys are confident, capable, and committed.  

       The money spent on Brattli Consulting is the best investment ever.   


We Make Deals Happen:  Plan, Execute, Deliver