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Strategic Planning

Brattli Consulting has performed strategic planning projects for:

       Creating new business lines

       Turning around business lines

       Integrating two business lines

       Developing standard three to five year strategic plans

Business Development

Brattli Consulting has developed our own Proposal Response Methodology for pursuing new business.  

Clients engaged under one of three scenarios:

       Full engagement

     Engaged at the beginning of the project

     Full control of the proposal response process

       An “a la carte” engagement

     Engaged for select tasks

     Do not have take full control of the proposal

       Best effort engagement

     Accept proposals significantly behind schedule

    Full control of the proposal response process

Special Studies

Brattli Consulting has been engaged for:  

       Financial and quantitative modeling

       Business improvements and Six Sigma projects

       Competitive analysis and data gathering, including Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests



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