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Large Bank—New Business Line Development

Brattli Consulting was asked by a large bank to help create
On-Line Shopping as a new business line.  Brattli Consulting:

       Co-authored an Investment Package for executive management.

       Helped select a subcontractor to operate the shopping portal.

       Determined the primary target market as purchase card clients as this would eliminate interchange fees.

       Prepared multiple sales presentations. 

       Managed four RFP responses securing $200 million in revenue. 

       Assisted in developing an internal client sales group.  

On-Line Shopping was established as a separate business line.  It was later spun off. 


Large Bank—Business Line Turnaround

Brattli Consulting was asked to assist in turning around a Banking Business Line.  Over a three year period, we:

       Prepared the strategic plan detailing the turnaround approach. 

       Researched the market, competitors, and client’s approach. 

       Benchmarked the client in relationship to their competitors. 

       Identified markets yielding the most increase in revenue growth. 

       Responded to large revenue bids, winning four out of five. 

       Developed standards for general market and competitor analysis; evaluating, responding, and pricing the bid responses.  Presented the standards in “The Deal Manager’s Desk Guide”. 

       Trained the client’s internal bid response group in the Brattli Consulting proposal response methodology. 

The business line revenue grew 47 and 30 percent, respectively in years one and two. 

In year three, after the Brattli Consulting training class, the client bid group doubled their win ratio.


Large bank—Business Development

Brattli Consulting assisted a large financial institution and a major payment processor in winning and implementing an electronic Federal tax payment system for the Federal Government.

Brattli Consulting was involved with the project from over a period of several years.  Engagements included:

       Developing the proposal strategy and managing the original proposal response. 

       Working with subject matter experts to write the technical, financial, and performance sections, compliance and milestone tracking, and final production. 

After contract award, Brattli Consulting assisted clients with:

       Project implementation.  We prepared presentations, marketing information, press releases, and training materials.

       Users Manual documentation for the system. 

       Quality assurance of a data query system and a help line. 

       Prepared training materials and conducted training for government users of the query system. 

       Wrote a strategy paper regarding how to increase system enrollment. 

       Wrote a White Paper after our client was re-awarded the contract. 


Large Bank—Business Development

Brattli Consulting assisted a large financial institution in winning a major government credit card program. The engagement lasted several years.  Individual Brattli Consulting projects included: 

       Managing, writing, and producing our client’s winning response to the Master Contract. 

       Preparing over 100 customized task order sales presentations for individual agencies.

       Preparing training materials for each of the 43 won agencies. 

       Managing communication between our client and the government.  We developed and managed on-point reporting that ensured compliance in providing accurate answers to government questions throughout the task order-query process. 

       Supporting program manager in contract compliance and in communicating with the GSA and the 43 agencies served. 

Our client was awarded 43 federal agencies, a total of 40 percent of the dollar volume, and issued 1.4 million of the total 2.1 million cards. 

Brattli Consulting was asked to manage the rebid of the contract, eight years after the original contract signing. 


Large Canadian Bank—Business Development

Brattli Consulting was engaged to secure a foreign banking contract for the Canadian government’s pension payments.  We:

       Managed the entire proposal effort including proposal strategy; working with subject matter experts to write the technical, and performance sections; compliance and milestone tracking; and production. 

       The project involved customizing the existing technical solution to meet distinct RFP requirements. 

The proposal won, securing our client one of the largest Canada government contracts.

Five years after the original contract signing, the contract was up for re-bid and Brattli Consulting was fully engaged to secure the re-bid.  Our client won the re-bid contract.


Large Payment Processor—Business Development

Brattli Consulting was engaged to secure a contract for a large payment processor.  We:

       Created management tools and used the tools to create a compliant response. 

       Reviewed the RFP and assisted in drafting questions to the RFP issuer.  We assessed the answer’s impact on our response. 

       Performed a compliance review of the proposal lay out.  We restructured the response in accordance to the RFP requirements.

       Worked directly with the project manager and the client team to draft and rework the entire response. 

       Participated in two separate reviews and assisted the client in writing the final draft response.


Large Bank—Business Development and Implementation

Brattli Consulting was engaged to secure a contract for a large bank.  We:

       Managed the RFP process from beginning to end.  

       Developed a proposal strategy deciding how to respond given the competitive landscape and unique requirements.  

        Created a Win Model which became the fundamental tool in developing a pricing strategy.  The Win Model also identified the must win technical areas.    

       Worked with subject matter experts to write the response.   

       After the win, Brattli Consulting was asked to help implement the solution.     

For every $1 spend on Brattli Consulting the client had a net return of about $2,000.  A client executive claimed that the money spent on Brattli Consulting was the best spent money ever. 


Multiple Clients—Competitive Information

Brattli Consulting has assisted clients with gathering competitive information through:

       Requesting documents available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

      Researching procurement documents and press releases on-line. 

       Attending trade seminars and user group meetings. 

       Speaking with government and industry experts. 

For a better understanding of our Competitive Information methodology, please contact us for a free copy of the article “Pricing for Profit:  The Yield of Competitive Information”, published in the Competitive Intelligence Magazine, July-August 2005.  



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